Nuclear Thermal Rockets, an old propulsion system that may be the future for space exploration

To achieve any measure of space travel there is one tool that has always been indispensable, rockets. Rockets have been the primary tool for sending spacecraft into orbit and accelerating them beyond Earth orbit to other planets in the solar system, and for a few craft, on their way out to the rest of the […]

The Circle of NASA – From Jobs to Technology & Back

With the Space Shuttle retired and the US economy in its current state, many people are wondering how both the economy and the space industry can possibly move forward. What they aren’t realizing, however, is that the two are, or at least can be, directly related. The simple fact is that NASA creates jobs. How? […]

The Destiny of a Species

We are living in an intensely important time period, as a species. It is probably the most important time period in all of human history. Let me expand on that for a minute: right now, so many important revolutions are occurring – in engineering, technology, politics, biology, democracy and virtually every category of human thought […]