White House Budget

NASA & the Fiscal Year 2014 Budget Proposal

Wednesday morning, the Obama administration released its requested budget for the 2014 Fiscal Year. The nearly 250 page document, which essentially outlines all federal government spending for 2014, was delivered to Congress considerably later than any other time in history. Overall, the budget request would fund NASA at $17.7 billion, a $50 million or 0.3 […]
Sequester 8

Throw the Rocket in Reverse (Pt.2); Sequestration is a “go”

Last Saturday on SNL’s  cold opening, “President Obama” brought on representatives from different agencies to talk about the effects of the sequester. One guest, an “astronaut,” said that “Thanks to the budget cuts, our space helmets will no longer have glass, so when we go outside to repair the ship, we’ll just have to hold our […]