NASA Receives Seed Money For Europa Mission

Two weeks ago President Barack Obama signed a bill that outlines government spending for the remainder of the fiscal year (until September 30). The bill, H. R. 933, which was passed by the House and Senate before reaching President Obama, includes an increase in funding for NASA’s planetary science research program. One line in particular is peeking the […]

Curiosity Mission Update

Curiosity entered “safe mode” during the late evening on March 16. The rover put itself in the precautionary standby status when a command file failed a size-check by the rover’s protective software. NASA engineers quickly diagnosed the software issue, deleted the file that was causing the size error, and Curiosity was back to active status […]

First Results from Curiosity’s SAM Instrument

NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory held a press conference today where they announced the first results of MSL Curiosity’s Sample Analysis on Mars (SAM) instrument. Organic compounds have been detected by the SAM instrument, they reported, but the science team are yet to determine whether or not the compounds are native to Mars or if they […]
Earthshaking News from Mars?

Mars Soil Sample May Reveal Earthshaking News

NASA scientists working on the Mars rover mission may have discovered some earthshaking news. A recent soil sample taken by Curiosity is yielding some very exciting results that NASA is remaining very tight-lipped about. NASA scientists are currently reviewing data they are receiving from a recent soil sample taken by the Mars rover’s SAM instrument. […]