Sequester 8

Throw the Rocket in Reverse (Pt.2); Sequestration is a “go”

Last Saturday on SNL’s  cold opening, “President Obama” brought on representatives from different agencies to talk about the effects of the sequester. One guest, an “astronaut,” said that “Thanks to the budget cuts, our space helmets will no longer have glass, so when we go outside to repair the ship, we’ll just have to hold our […]
Asteroid 2012 DA14 Trajectory

How to Watch Asteroid 2012 DA14′s Flyby of Earth

Copperheads! A historic astronomical circumstance is about to transpire in the skies above Earth (above the skies, technically). A space rock 50 meters wide (160 feet) will be passing just by the good Earth, getting as close as 27,700 kilometers (only 17,200 miles!). Never before has humanity witnessed something so large pass so close to […]
Back to the Moon

NASA Getting Ready to Leave Orbit?

NASA is planning on a “big” announcement soon that may relate to humans returning to the area of the moon after what will be a 40 year hiatus. Rumors floating around the online space policy community point to a possible exploration of the L2 area of the Earth-Moon system in keeping with benchmarks set by […]