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a graduate of anthropology and biology at the University of Alabama at Birmingham, Kyle is a veteran of the 2011 campaign to secure funding for the James Webb Space Telescope. After the successful conclusion of saveJWST, Kyle began working on social media outreach for Space Advocates’s own ongoing campaign. While well aware of budget issues facing the US government, Kyle believes NASA’s economic impact and effect on our cultural well-being provide all the reason legislators need to properly fund it. Science IS America and NASA is America’s most esteemed values – bravery, critical thinking, exploration of the unknown - in physical form. He hopes that Space Advocates can help nudge humanity toward attaining a permanent foothold on Mars.
Chelyabinsk Meteor Trail

Spectacular Meteor over Russia

At 03:25 UTC on February 15, 2013, a meteor was seen streaking through the early morning sky in the Chelyabinsk region of Russia, accompanied by a powerful shockwave which shattered windows and injured hundreds of people. Russians in the area have uploaded many cell phone videos and dashboard cam views of the meteor to the […]
Asteroid 2012 DA14 Trajectory

How to Watch Asteroid 2012 DA14′s Flyby of Earth

Copperheads! A historic astronomical circumstance is about to transpire in the skies above Earth (above the skies, technically). A space rock 50 meters wide (160 feet) will be passing just by the good Earth, getting as close as 27,700 kilometers (only 17,200 miles!). Never before has humanity witnessed something so large pass so close to […]
International Space Station

The Destiny of a Species

We are living in an intensely important time period, as a species. It is probably the most important time period in all of human history. Let me expand on that for a minute: right now, so many important revolutions are occurring – in engineering, technology, politics, biology, democracy and virtually every category of human thought […]

First Results from Curiosity’s SAM Instrument

NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory held a press conference today where they announced the first results of MSL Curiosity’s Sample Analysis on Mars (SAM) instrument. Organic compounds have been detected by the SAM instrument, they reported, but the science team are yet to determine whether or not the compounds are native to Mars or if they […]