NASA and Antarctica’s Ice Shelves

New data from NASA and the British Antarctic Survey has provided a detailed picture of the rocky landscape beneath Antarctica’s ice. The focus of this new project, named Bedmap 2, is to discover how Antarctica will react to a changing climate, which will provide new insight into the layers of the icy continent. Due to […]

We Are The Explorers

By now, you have likely heard about the recent crowdfunding efforts of the Aerospace Industries Association to place a 30 second ad promoting NASA in theaters across the nation. The ad will be a shortened version of NASA’s “We Are The Explorers” video played during previews at the upcoming Star Trek Into Darkness premiere. Federal […]

Lunar Orbiter Image Recovery Project

In the haste of the space race, troves of scientific data were gathered and locked up in surplus warehouses. Typically, most of these surplus storage items got destroyed or were trashed. Thankfully, a NASA biologist named Nancy Evans made sure some heaps of this extra data were saved in the 1970s. Currently posted on Rockethub […]