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As an undergraduate student in political science and journalism, Curtiss is interested in leveraging new media as a vehicle to influence public policy. Due to his clout on sites such as Digg and reddit, he landed a position at AOL’s social news site Subsequently, he was interviewed by the Wall Street Journal for their feature story, The Wizards of Buzz, recognized as one of the 20 most influential people in social media. In 2011, he was a major proponent of the SETI Stars initiative to bring the Allen Telescope Array out of hibernation. Contributing to the grassroots social media campaign #DecideToListen, he helped raise $200,000 to fund the SETI project. Recognizing the transformative power of scientific endeavours on society, Curtiss is firmly committed to seeing NASA funded to a level commensurate with the tremendous economic, technological and inspirational value it confers.
SpaceX's Falcon 9 rocket explodes on floating ocean barge during attempted rocket landing on Jan. 10, 2015. Image Credit: SpaceX

Watch SpaceX’s Rocket Crash Land On Drone Ship

SpaceX released stunning video of the rocket explosion that occurred during their rocket landing test. SpaceX captured dramatic footage of the company’s attempt to perform a controlled landing of their Falcon 9 rocket’s first stage on a floating ocean platform known as the autonomous spaceport drone ship last week. While successful in reaching its target, […]