Take A Virtual Tour Of The International Space Station, Google Street View Style

Take a guided tour of the International Space Station Google Street View style.

Only a rare few have ever had the privilege to visit the International Space Station, but now the European Space Agency is allowing people on Earth to explore the space station like never before. The agency has created a virtual tour, allowing users to navigate around the orbiting outpost as if it were Google’s Street View.

The images were captured by ESA astronaut Samantha Cristoforetti during her recent stay aboard the space station. Cristoforetti set the record for the longest single spaceflight by a woman before returning to Earth in June. [Read more: Astronaut Samantha Cristoforetti Sets Record For Longest Spaceflight By A Woman]

Cristoforetti captured up to 15 images inside each module of the space station prior to departing. The images were then stitched together to create an interactive panorama similar to Google Map’s Street View. The interactive tour provides a view of the space station as it appeared in June 2015, after the Leonardo storage module was moved to a new location.

The virtual tour allows you to explore every part of the space station except for the Russian modules. A complete tour of the International Space Station will be available later this year. The tour is complete with links to articles about features of the space station, as well as video guides about each module created by Cristoforetti.

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  • Michael Harris

    It’s brilliant, amazing, looks like an untidy garage which is realisticly lovely. And then her hair floating, which she seems unaware of, so whatever style it was doesn’t matter. And sitting on nothing as she tells how to close a door, in space.

  • Sanal Tur

    Very nice virtual tour! You feel like an astronaut!