Scanadu Scout Breaks Indiegogo Crowdfunding Record

The Scanadu Scout became the most funded campaign in Indiegogo history on Friday. The Star Trek inspired medical device that runs on NASA technology surpassed the previous record holder, the “Let’s Build a Goddamn Tesla Museum” campaign, when it broke $1.37 million in total funding. At the time of posting, the campaign has raised $1,419,250 with one week remaining in the campaign.

Scanadu Scout is based on Star Trek’s Tricorder and is built on the 32-bit RTOS Micrium platform, which is the same technology used for Sample Analysis at Mars on the Curiosity rover. The medical grade Tricorder fits inside your pocket and sends your vital signs wirelessly to your smartphone. The device works by simply pressing it to your forehead. In 10 seconds, the device collects vital signs, including heart rate, temperature, blood oxygen levels, respiratory rate, blood pressure, and emotional stress, and can provide an electrocardiography. A mobile app then tracks all the data, bringing your most important information, your health, into your hands.

Scanadu CEO Walter de Brouwer said, “We are in the biggest tsunami of personalization in the world, but for medicine, we are still waiting in line in an emergency room.”

The design for the Scanadu Scout began after Qualcomm opened the Tricorder X Prize, a $10 million dollar competition to develop a functional Star Trek-style Tricorder device that could diagnose 15 medical conditions. Scanadu, a technology startup out of NASA’s Ames Research Center in California, met the challenge with the design of the Scout. The company took to Indiegogo to raise further development funds and to find participants for official Scout clinical studies and feedback.

The Scanadu Scout still has to go through the Food and Drug Administration approval process. Campaign contributors will have the option to participate in clinical studies and help refine the Scanadu Scout with feedback about the revolutionary device. After the studies and FDA approval, the Scanadu Scout will be introduced into the consumer market and be available over the counter.

Scanadu is offering 10 levels of perks for the Indiegogo campaign contributors, ranging from $10 to $4,470 device bundles. The public has until July 20 to participate in NASA spinoff and crowdfunding history by staying informed by a $10 donation or pre-ordering the Scanadu Scout for $199.

Help fund the Scanadu Scout and get your own tricorder at the Indiegogo campaign page.