The Spirit of Apollo

For the volunteers of Space Advocates, space is very important. It is not just a void of mostly emptiness beyond the Earth. To us, space & space travel is an investment in society and its economy. It is a cure for many of the issues that plague the world today. We know that the return on investment for space-related adventures is good, and has varied historically from $8 to $14 per dollar spent depending on which time frame and economic study you are specifying. Importantly, the advancement of a space frontier is also an innovation generation engine. The race to the moon has produced many technological advancements that might not have existed otherwise and our continued presence in space is a source of such activity even today.

Innovation, technological advancement and a solid ROI get us Space Advocates excited about space, for sure. But the most important reason for going is not strictly economic and societal self-enrichment. In fact, the survival of our species depends greatly on a permanent human presence among the stars. Protecting our species in the long-term, from the environmental mood swings of our home world to the shooting gallery that is our solar system to the enormous cauldron of activity that is our star, is one of the most compelling reasons that Space Advocates exists. We want to go. We need to go.

Collectively, these reasons encompass the spirit of the Apollo Program from the 1960s. Naturally, John F. Kennedy is remembered for many things, but remembered by Space Advocates for so exactly personifying the spirit of Apollo in his advocacy of NASA. Take a look at our latest video, the Spirit of Apollo, and consider what raising the NASA budget from less than half a penny up to one full penny on each federal dollar spent can and will do for our economy, for our society and for our future. Join us and make your voice heard by writing Congress today. Watch our latest video below:

  • Andrew O’Connor

    I Ask the WORLD to think , how Much does the lowest Coin in their pocket Cost to Keep making?
    I Ask Each Government Around the World To Let us Know the cost of Producing the lowest coin the Penny / or Cent. And the freeing up of the Amount of money plus the Original Penny or Cent could not only pay for NASA ~ NOW & into the FUTURE and for the other Part of the ( Cost ) of Coin Saved ! To rebuild the slums Around the a World & Provide Proper Sanitation for Same and if the Poorest of the World Win the World Will WIN !
    Andrew Paul O’Connor