We Are The Explorers

By now, you have likely heard about the recent crowdfunding efforts of the Aerospace Industries Association to place a 30 second ad promoting NASA in theaters across the nation. The ad will be a shortened version of NASA’s “We Are The Explorers” video played during previews at the upcoming Star Trek Into Darkness premiere. Federal […]

NASA & the Fiscal Year 2014 Budget Proposal

Wednesday morning, the Obama administration released its requested budget for the 2014 Fiscal Year. The nearly 250 page document, which essentially outlines all federal government spending for 2014, was delivered to Congress considerably later than any other time in history. Overall, the budget request would fund NASA at $17.7 billion, a $50 million or 0.3 […]

NASA Receives Seed Money For Europa Mission

Two weeks ago President Barack Obama signed a bill that outlines government spending for the remainder of the fiscal year (until September 30). The bill, H. R. 933, which was passed by the House and Senate before reaching President Obama, includes an increase in funding for NASA’s planetary science research program. One line in particular is peeking the […]