The first Earthrise as captured by Lunar Orbiter 1 on August 23, 1966. Image Credit: NASA / Lunar Orbiter Image Recovery Project

Lunar Orbiter Image Recovery Project

In the haste of the space race, troves of scientific data were gathered and locked up in surplus warehouses. Typically, most of these surplus storage items got destroyed or were trashed. Thankfully, a NASA biologist named Nancy Evans made sure some heaps of this extra data were saved in the 1970s. Currently posted on Rockethub […]
Space Advocates

Our mascot needs a new nickname!

Space Advocates & Copperheads: We want to take time to point out our new logo, the official logo of Space Advocates. We mentioned this new logo earlier today along with our unofficial internal nickname, SAM, which stood for Space Advocate Man. We want to apologize for our mistake, as it was wrong. This nickname does […]
Space Advocates

Who are Space Advocates?

Space Advocates is the nonprofit organization that runs Penny4NASA, and we have been around the whole time that Penny4NASA has been going, just not by name. We founded Space Advocates to champion space exploration and research by tapping into our most powerful weapon: your voice. Through the power of the internet we have been able […]