White House Budget

White House to Release FY14 Budget April 10

Big news this week for NASA watchers, space advocates and just about everyone else who benefits from the federal budget. Josh Earnest, White House spokesman, told reporters today that President Obama will release his Fiscal Year 2014 budget on April 10. For background on how the budget process works and why this is extremely important, read our “How NASA is Funded” page.

This bucks history in two ways. First, it’s the only time in history that a president has released his budget after both the House and Senate passed Budget Resolutions. Second, April 10 is significantly later than the usual first week of February when the president usually releases his Budget. The ramifications of the former are hard to predict, since the president’s budget request is usually kept in mind (for better or worse) when either chamber writes the legislative language that then sets the maximum spending levels used in House and Senate Appropriations Committees. Admittedly, with the sequester and continuing resolution occupying most of the attention, this is understandable.

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