Planck Mission Reveals Second Most Important Image in History


One of the most interesting and mind boggling times in the universe is in the beginning before we had galaxies and stars and planets, a time that looked nothing like the way we recognize it today. To put things in perspective of what Planck time even is think about 1 second. The amount of Planck time in just one second is more than all the seconds since the Big Bang.

Let’s do some quick math on that.

31,536,000 (seconds in a year) x 13.82 billion years (age of the universe) = 4.35 x 1017 seconds since the Big Bang

Planck time is 10-43 seconds and Planck length is the distance light travels in one Planck time—about 1.616 × 10−35 meters

To put it more plainly Planck time is the time it takes for light to travel a single unit of Planck length (or 1.616 x 10-35 meters). If you take both of these into account you have a Planck unit.  (Check out the blog post from Universe Today for more info)

The new images released by the European Space Agency (ESA) are baby pictures of the universe. However, before we get into the news release about it you need to understand a little more about the Planck era, the images leading up to this current picture, and of course what this means to us or why it’s important.

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