Roundtable Announcement

Penny4NASA Roundtable Event

Announcing our first roundtable event!  Scheduled for this Sunday, Aug. 26 at 1 p.m. EDT. This event is being hosted by Penny4NASA, and is structured with you in mind. Several members of the Penny4NASA team, along with other young professionals within the space industry, will be fielding questions concerning the future of space exploration, NASA and U.S. space policy.

AND WE WANT YOUR QUESTIONS! Send us questions via Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Email, the comments on this blog, or anywhere else that we have a presence and the panel will address them. This whole movement is about getting everyone involved, and about channeling your voices to the U.S. government. This roundtable event is another way to do just that. So, send us some thoughtful questions! We will be recording the event so that we can produce video highlights of the best portions of the discussion, to be released sometime next month.