Image Credit: Fight For Space

Fight for Space Fundraising Successful

Congratulations to director Paul Hildebrandt and his crew behind the upcoming Fight For Space documentary for a successful round of public fundraising using Kickstarter! After successfully reaching the $65,000 minimum mark after less than two weeks, Hildebrandt & Co. decided to extend the fundraising to $100,000 for the remainder of the month on Kickstarter in order to secure better distribution, including a theaterical release, as well as conduct more interviews with better cameras.

Penny4NASA is looking forward to the release of this documentary with great anticipation. One of the major issues in educating the public about what NASA does is that information on space policy is not readily available or easily digested by the general public. This film promises to explore the issue and lay out the general state of NASA’s post-Space Shuttle life.

So, keep an eye out here and at for more details concerning the film’s release. As of right now, the Kickstarter campaign is not quite finished with still 20 hours to go. However, with 2,800 backers pledging $101,652, the film is definitely on its way.