Popvox and Penny4NASA

Penny4NASA loves Popvox. For decades (if not longer), contacting elected officials in American democracy has always been a somewhat anti-climatic, lackluster affair. A representative or senator may or may not get a letter, a phone call, or an email in time for an important vote. Or at the very least be able to use those slow responses to understand completely how the public feels about an issue. Letters (snail mail) take time to arrive at their destination and phone calls and emails tend to be screened. In fact, it is difficult to imagine a pre-internet democracy because there must always be a kind of lag-effect on understanding public sentiment. This is no longer the case. Popvox is the 21st century equivalent of all the letter writing, phone calling, and public campaigning that has been done in the past. Popvox uses the internet to deliver not just real time interactions with your elected officials, but also real time feedback FOR those elected officials, meaning that they can see and understand how the public feels about an issue AND be able to capitalize on that information effectively. This is such a positive change from the status quo, that Congress has decided to make their use of Popvox official.

If you use the Popvox widget found on our website, in 5 minutes you will have found all of your representatives and senators, written them a personalized response concerning increasing NASA’s budget AND given Congress a real time tool in understanding just how widespread pro-NASA sentiment is. And just so you know that it is working, take a look at the image below. This is Popvox rankings…the list of the most popular topics Popvox users are engaging with. Notice who is still on top? And this is only for the week of August 10th!! Only one week worth of interactions!

Keep those letters coming! Also, check out the Popvox official rankings “Weekly Bill Round-up for August 10″.