Penny4NASA Roundtable Event

Announcing our first roundtable event!  Scheduled for this Sunday, Aug. 26 at 1 p.m. EDT. This event is being hosted by Penny4NASA, and is structured with you in mind. Several members of the Penny4NASA team, along with other young professionals within the space industry, will be fielding questions concerning the future of space exploration, NASA […]

Fight for Space Fundraising Successful

Congratulations to director Paul Hildebrandt and his crew behind the upcoming Fight For Space documentary for a successful round of public fundraising using Kickstarter! After successfully reaching the $65,000 minimum mark after less than two weeks, Hildebrandt & Co. decided to extend the fundraising to $100,000 for the remainder of the month on Kickstarter in order to […]

Tell NASA What To Do

In the last budget bill dealing with Fiscal Year 2012, Congress mandated that the National Research Council conduct an independent study on NASA’s strategic direction. The goal of this endeavor is to “recommend how NASA could establish and effectively communicate a common unifying vision for NASA’s strategic direction that encompasses NASA’s varied missions.” They are taking recommendations from […]

Popvox and Penny4NASA

Penny4NASA loves Popvox. For decades (if not longer), contacting elected officials in American democracy has always been a somewhat anti-climatic, lackluster affair. A representative or senator may or may not get a letter, a phone call, or an email in time for an important vote. Or at the very least be able to use those […]

MSL Curiosity and the NASA Budget

By now, you have heard of the Mars Science Laboratory “Curiosity” Rover and its spectacularly successful landing on the planet Mars. This mission is a huge win for NASA, not just in terms of a successful interplanetary engineering feat, but in terms of public outreach. Consider just how many people decided to watch the landing. […]